The Importance of Prepping Your Wood With the Right Coating

How to Stain/Seal a Log Home Like a Professional

Your new deck, shed or door looks great! Now it just needs a coat of paint. Before you paint it, however, it’s of the utmost importance that you prepare the wood with some kind of wood coating or wood stains that provide an extra layer of protection and professionalism. Otherwise, that beautiful new feature of your home is going to become a regrettable eyesore in short order. 

Your home deserves better. You deserve better. Read on! 

Why Do You Need to Prep Your Wood? 

Prepping your wood is arguably the second most important step after actual construction. There are a number of reasons why the wood needs to be prepped and treated with some kind of wood coating application before the job is done.  


  • Durability - Like all organic material, wood is in a constant state of decay. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, we’re able to significantly delay that decay. The proper kind of wood treatment is going to ensure that your wood remains resilient against wear and tear over time.  
  • Weatherproofing - It doesn’t matter if you live in a rainforest, a desert, or somewhere in between. The elements can cause serious wear and tear on your wood over time. Getting the right wood coatings on your deck, door or anything else with wood will keep it looking new and fresh, sparing you from having to pay for expensive wood restoration chemicals later down the road.  
  • Waterproofing -  Trees might love water, but the wood in your home does not. When wood absorbs water, it’s going to cause swelling and shrinking which over time can cause serious damage. Using the right sealant can keep the healthy moisture inside the wood while keeping the damp of the outside right where it belongs: outside. 
  • Finishing - The finish on your wood is there to smooth out any imperfections that might remain from any other part of the process. The right treatment helps to provide a finish that makes everything look a little more beautiful and professional.  
  • Cleanliness - It might sound strange, but it’s much easier to keep wood clean when it’s properly finished. Nothing is ever going to be as clean as the day it is first finished or the day that it shows up in your home. However, with the right treatment you can make sure that your wood stays cleaner over a longer period of time, by preventing the buildup of oils and other contaminants that can make it appear “dirty.”  
  • Beauty - In the case especially of wood stains, the right kind of wood treatment can help to enhance the overall beauty of your investment. Some woods are just begging to be treated with the right kind of stain that will bring out its luster.  
  • Preservation - Sometimes the beauty of a wood comes from its natural oils. In this case, you want to keep these oils on the inside while also allowing them to age naturally, getting the kind of aging and patina that the wood itself is known for. Selecting the right finish in this case is of the utmost importance, because a special kind of finish designed specifically for certain types of wood is very much called for.  


How to Pick the Right Finish for Your Wood 


There are a number of variables in what you want to achieve with your wood finish. In fact, there might even be a few different options for you depending on your goals. Here are a few factors to look at to help you pick the right wood finish for your project: 


  • Wood Type - Different woods take different wood finishes differently. At the very least, your wood type is going to rule out options that are all wrong. 
  • Ease of use - Some finishes are easier to apply than others. If you’re all thumbs, you’ll want to steer more toward an easier finish. On the other hand, if you’re a practiced handyman, you’ll be able to use a complex finish.  
  • Environmental and health concerns - The more green and health conscious will want to consider the environmental impact and potential health concerns associated with different finishes.  


You might find it confusing with so many options. Indeed, even figuring out the difference between wood stains, wood finishes and preservers can make some people’s heads spin.  


There are as many ways to finish a beautiful piece of wood as there are wood projects. Talk to the knowledgeable representatives at Lovitt’s Coatings to find out what will work best for both your tastes and your needs.

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