Construction Phase

Our products are used early on in the construction of wood and log homes. 

  Our P-Wood preserver is used to treat framing, subfloors, and exposed wood from deterioration caused by water intrusion. Our Wood Cleaner and Brightener Kit is used on the interior and exterior logs and wood siding to clean and brighten the wood to prepare the wood for staining following erection of the log shell and installation of the exterior wood siding. Our Platinum Interior wood finish is a tough, yet beautiful clear finish for interior wood surfaces including logs, trim, wood ceilings, and wood windows and casing. Our Natural Gold (oil based) and environmentally safe Emerald Gold (modified oil base) exterior wood stains are the top rated products for the exterior logs, wood shakes, wood siding, decks and railings to complete the finishing process for new wood home construction.


Restoration Phase

Our effective Wood Cleaner & Brightener Kit is the magic bullet of professional contractors and homeowners alike! 

  This powder concentrated 2-Step kit mixes in your bucket to 5 gallons of wood cleaner and 5 gallons of wood brightener/neutralizer that together restores up to 1000 feet of logs, wood siding, shakes, decks, railings and all exterior wood surfaces to new condition! 

  This formula easily removes failed stains, darkening, mold and contaminants from the surface of the wood and Step #2 brightens the wood back to its' original new look and prepares the wood surface to PH balance for application of wood stains. This product brings back the beauty of your natural wood, logs, shakes, and decking systems easily and with respect for the environment. This product is also available in Contractor 5 gallon buckets of Step #1 and Step #2 concentrated powder for the professional finisher. 

  Now that the wood is restored to new condition, our Natural Gold and Emerald Gold wood stain formulas will penetrate deep into the wood cells to form a powerful shield that will protect the wood, enhance the beauty of the natural grain, and bring out the true character of the wood. These translucent wood stains are designed to defend the wood from the relentless assault from rain, sun, and wind and contains the highest quality ingredients and UV blocking agents. 

  Our PUR-Gloss masonry sealer is on the leading edge of performance using advances in cross linking micro-acrylic technology to deliver a clear masonry protector/sealer that protects masonry surfaces for up to 7 years between maintenance cycles on vertical rock and masonry surfaces with only a thin protective layer. 

  This formula is environmentally safe and cleans up with just soap and water.